Alsace Ecomuseum

The idea of an eco-museum was born in 1971 when a group of students created the "Farmhouses of Alsace" association to preserve and save old buildings.

With this in mind, members of the association dismantled buildings in Sundgau (southernmost region of Alsace) to reassemble them on a plot of land they had obtained in Ungersheim, a few kilometers from Mulhouse.

The first house, built in 1980, triggered the creation of the Eco-museum which received institutional support and opened in 1984.

Back then, the Eco-museum was made up of twenty buildings, plus a strong tower, a saw mill, a pottery workshop ... and thousands of objects and pieces of furniture donated by Alsatians themselves!

But the Eco-museum also has a vocation to represent the current habitat and modern society. Since 2015, it houses an area on the theme: "Living in the 21st century in Alsace" as well as a festival of experimental constructions.

The Ecomusée d’Alsace invites you to a visit full of surprises and action! Not content to present the built heritage of the region, the eco-museum literally showcases it within a village that boasts 74 traditional homes.

The entire history of these old houses permeates every wall, every object, every part of the Eco-museum. Visitors are immediately and completely plunged into the past. Their eyes and hands explore the intricate constructions, noble materials and the perfect craftsmanship.

The indispensible craftsmen show visitors the many facets of their trades. From the potter to the barber, the baker to the blacksmith, they work to safeguard their intangible heritage, handed down from generation to generation. It's a delight to watch them perform their sometimes spectacular and often centuries-old gestures!

The Ecomusée d’Alsace is all of this and much more – activities, exhibitions, workshops and other events take place throughout the year making it a resolutely lively and exciting place.