Cigoland Park

The Cigoland Park was created in 1974 by Jean Pierre Willmann and was named Parc des Cigognes et Loisirs (Stork and leisure park).

Since the beginning, the target of the park was to combine the pleasures of recreational games and promotion of the natural setting specific to the "Ried", in particular that of the White Storks. For many years, the Park was actually a stork breeding center and, as such, it actively participated in the repopulation of this great wading bird in Alsace. Thus several hundred storks could be released and resettled. This work, carried out in close collaboration with well-known specialists like Alfred Schierer and Paul Schmitt significantly contributed to bring back in the region one of the most famous emblems of the. Alsatian landscape.

For the past 40 years, the Cigoland Park has chosen to favour attractions accessible to all and to raise awareness of different audiences to the specific ecosystems of Center Alsace (Ried) and more particularly to that of the White Stork. Far from the mad rush of thrilling rides, visitors can observe storks roaming free or in one of the park's five aviaries as well as many other species of animals, surrounded by lush and diverse vegetation often typical of the Ried. The park, now under the direction of Patrice Willmann, Jean-Pierre’s younger son, confirms this state of mind and continues its development towards educational, playful and relaxing family orientations. Twenty attractions for all ages and educational devices have been developed or renewed.